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Track 7 - "The Barasuishou Makeover Project"

The Barasuishou Makeover Project - Top 1 The Barasuishou Makeover Project - Top 2

0:00 [Intro music starts.]
0:01 Barasuishou "The Barasuishou Makeover Project".
0:04 [Intro music stops.]
0:06 [Door opens.]
0:08 Enju [Grunt.]
0:09 [Footsteps.]
0:10 Shirosaki Enju. Barasuishou. Today there's something important I have to discuss with you.
0:16 Barasuishou Discuss...?
0:18 Shirosaki Yes. A very important discussion that will determine how things will turn out from now on. ... Enju, what do you think of Barasuishou?
0:27 Enju [Grunt.] ... She's magnificent.
0:31 Shirosaki Noo, if you ask me, she's got quite a ways to go.
0:34 [Music starts.]
0:34 Shirosaki Please consider this! When placed alongside Shinku, Suiseiseki, and the others, I can't help but be dissatisfied with Barasuishou! To put it in a single word... it's her personality!
0:46 Barasuishou Personality...?
0:47 Shirosaki Yes! Shinku, Hinaichigo, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, Kanaria, and Suigintou... Each one of them is a doll with her own distinctive personality, whereas Barasuishou... When I compare her to them, I can't help but think that her personality is too weak!
1:00 Barasuishou My personality... is weak...
1:02 Shirosaki That's where my plan comes in! I've been thinking of various things that would make Barasuishou into a more individual character. I call it...
1:08 [Music stops. Drumroll.]
1:09 Shirosaki [Echoing voice:] "The Barasuishou Makeover Project"!
1:14 [Zing.]
1:15 Enju "The Barasuishou..."
1:17 Barasuishou "... Makeover Project"...?
1:19 [Music starts.]
1:19 Shirosaki Let's start first with something simple: an appeal to cuteness by adding "~nyaa" at the end of your sentences.
1:24 Barasuishou ... I am the seventh doll of the Rozen Maidens, Barasuishou  ~nyaa. Come, let us begin the Alice Game ~nyaa.
1:38 Shirosaki Good... Good, Barasuishou! Really nice.
1:42 Enju [Sigh.] I don't know...
1:45 Shirosaki Continuing, a cute Barasuishou who acts nicely towards everyone!
1:50 Barasuishou ... Ufufufufu! How do you do! My name's Barasuishou~! It's so~ nice to meet all of you~!
2:00 Shirosaki Um... [Clap.] Great! You're the best, Barasuishou! Well then, next, the serious class-representative type.
2:08 Barasuishou ... Everyone, listen to what I have to say! Why must you all act so selfishly?! Didn't I say that we should begin the Alice Game?! Grr...!
2:21 Shirosaki Good! That's it! You're getting the hang of this, Barasuishou! Hey, Enju, don't you have any reque--.
2:28 Enju A young bride!
2:31 Barasuishou ... Welcome home, my husband. Would you like to take a bath? Or would you like to eat dinner first? [Giggle.] Or...
2:41 Enju [Slow, unsteady breath.]
2:43 [Music stops.]
2:44 Enju ... Nice.
2:47 Shirosaki Enju, you're quite the maniac, aren't you!
2:50 Enju Then...
2:52 [Music starts.]
2:52 Enju A girl sadly rides the swingset alone in the park at twilight. There appears the man that she longs for. However, she cannot quite bring herself to speak to him. While she dithers over what to do, he has already gone. Depressed over her lack of courage, the girl--.
3:14 [Music stops.]
3:14 Shirosaki That situation's too detailed!
3:16 Enju [Clears throat.]
3:18 Shirosaki Next then, a domineering queen, who shows up wielding a whip!
3:22 [Whip cracks. Music starts.]
3:23 Barasuishou ... Now, get down on your knees and lick the queen's shoes! Oh? What's with that defiant look~? It seems you still don't know your place, do you?
3:38 [Whip cracks.]
3:38 Shirosaki [Screaming amid whip cracks.] Yes, my queen! Before you, I am trash! Scum! A worm! Ah-! More-! Lash me more-!
3:51 Enju Shirosaki.
3:52 [Music stops.]
3:52 Shirosaki [Incoherent gibbering amid cracks of the whip.] Ah-! M-more...!
3:55 Enju Shirosaki! ... Hey! Scum!
3:55 Shirosaki [Panting.] Ah... well... sorry, what can I... It's relevant to my... Uh, I'll try not to be so...
4:05 Enju ... Very well...
4:07 Shirosaki [Clears throat.] ... Next then, getting back on track: an innocent, younger sister-type girl.
4:17 [Music starts.]
4:17 Barasuishou ... Big brother, call me "Bara-rin", OK?
4:23 Enju Ba... Bara... rin?!
4:27 Shirosaki Moving on, a cute little girl spoiled by her father!
4:31 Barasuishou ... Pa-pa! When Barasuishou grows up, she's going to become your bride!
4:39 Shirosaki And next, a captivating bondage queen!
4:42 [Whip cracks. Music changes.]
4:43 Barasuishou ... Oh-hohoho! Address me as "your majesty"!
4:47 Shirosaki [Screaming amid cracks of the whip.] Ah...! Ahh-! Your... Your Majesty!
4:51 Enju You just did that one a minute ago!
4:52 Shirosaki Ah, sorry... I guess after all, to me, this role is just... well...
4:56 Enju Enough! Let's pretend this discussion never happened.
4:59 Shirosaki Ah? Eh? Enju?
5:01 Enju Barasuishou is the ultimate doll that I have created! She is second to none, the ultimate young bri--... er, girl! There is no need for any unasked-for tinkering! ... Do you understand, Barasuishou?
5:21 [Music stops.]
5:23 Barasuishou Yes... my husband...

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