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Track 5 - "Rozen Maidens"

Character Drama Vol. 7 - Track 5 - Top Picture

0:01 [Birds singing.]
0:03 [Rustle]
0:04 Kanaria Well, I wonder if he'll get home soon ~kashira - Shinku's Master?
0:08 [Music starts.]
0:10 Kanaria Heh-heh-heh! It's my "infiltrate-through-the-front-hallway-while-the-door-
is-open" strategy! Last time, I failed because it took an unexpectedly short time for the door to close, but this time I've got a secret weapon! Ta-daaah~! An elephant door-stop ~kashiraaa! With this, I'll prevent the door from closing and infiltrate through the front hallway! And then, I will wreak my revenge on Shinku and the others! What's more, the only weak point in my strategy is that, until Shinku's Master gets home, I've got nothing to do and it's boooring! Well, I've got that covered with Micchan's homemade sugar-filled sweeeet fluffy fried egg boxed lunch! Heh-heh-heh! This time for sure... This time for sure...! In the face of the strategy of me, Kanaria - the foremost strategist of the Rozen Maidens - the likes of Shinku and the others stand no chance...! Heh-heh-heh! Waaah-ha-
ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! ... Well then, let's at once have some of Micchan's special boxed lunch...
1:14 [Pop.]
1:15 Kanaria Time to eat~! But...? ... EHHHH?! S-Shinku's Master is home already ~kashiraaa?!
1:23 [Footsteps approaching.]
1:25 Kanaria I-it's too soon ~kashira! There's nothing about this in the plan book ~kashira!
1:32 Kanaria [Thinking:] C-calm down ~kashira, Kana! Yes, this is your chance ~kashira! [Whimper.] But, Micchan's fried eggs... I was just about to eat them, but...! ... Ah-!! Maybe I can eat them?! With the right timing, I could concentrate and eat them all in one instant ~kashira!
1:54 [Door opening.]
1:55 Jun I'm home!
1:57 Kanaria [Thinking:] N-now ~kashira! [Yell.]
2:00 Jun Oh, yeah, the mail. I wonder if anything came?
2:03 Kanaria [Thinking:] Daaah! No waaay-!
2:06 [Squish.]
2:06 Jun Hm? Uh?
2:09 Kanaria Uehh... I've been found out, as simple as that ~kashira...?
2:14 Crow Caw! Caw!
2:17 [Swoop.]
2:19 [Wings beating.]
2:19 Kanaria Eeeek! K-Kana's fried eggs are...!
2:24 Crow Aho~! Aho~!
2:24 [Flying off.]
2:27 [Music stops.]
2:28 Kanaria Kana's... fried eggs...
2:33 [Footsteps.]
2:33 Jun A-ahh... ... Umm, if I'm not mistaken, you're Ka... Ka... Ka... Kanikousen*?
2:44 Kanaria Yes, exactly! I'm Takiji Kobayashi's literary work on the struggle of the proletaria-... NO-! It's KANARIA!! It sounds completely different, so cut that out and remember it ~kashira!!
  [* "Kanikousen" ("Crab Canning Boat") is a story by Takiji Kobayashi (1903-1933), author and early Communist Party activist.]
2:55 Jun Yeah, I know.
2:56 Kanaria [Fuming.] Oh, really ~kashira?!
3:00 Jun Anyway, you came over to play, right? Come in.
3:04 [Door opening.]
3:05 Kanaria Eh?
3:06 Jun Here.
3:07 Kanaria U-um... Kana...
3:13 [Music starts.]
3:14 [Clinking of plates.]
3:15 Suiseiseki [In the background:] Ahh, this time, too, Suiseiseki's cookies are delicious ~desu!
3:19 Hinaichigo [In the background:] [Squeal.]
3:20 Souseiseki [In the background:] They really are, aren't they!
3:21 Shinku [In the background:] Well, they're not bad.
3:24 Suiseiseki [In the background:] Ah, there, there! There's the good part! Read further along ~desu!
3:28 Hinaichigo [In the background:] [Giggle.]
3:31 Kanaria ...
3:33 Suiseiseki And, you see, that's the part where Kunkun...
3:36 Hinaichigo Where Kunkun... what, what? Then what happened?
3:40 [Grab.]
3:40 Souseiseki Waah, don't! Suiseiseki, I'm still in the middle of reading it!
3:46 Shinku Hmph... "Detective Kunkun Investigative File: The Family of Inuyama House". I've read it three times already.
3:54 Jun I thought you'd been staying up late at night recently. It was because of that?
3:58 Shinku Oh? Kanaria, it seems you haven't touched yours yet. You don't have to hold back.
4:05 Suiseiseki That's right! These cookies were made by Suiseiseki, so you ought to have some with gratitude ~desu!
4:12 Hinaichigo Yeah! They're very yummy~! [Munching sounds.]
4:17 Suiseiseki What-?! Puny Ichigo, you're eating too many ~desu! You, for one, ought to hold back at least a little bit ~desu!
4:22 Souseiseki [Laughter.] Oh, I'll put some onto a plate for you.
4:27 [Click.]
4:27 Souseiseki Here, Kanaria.
4:29 Kanaria Th-thanks... ~kashira...
4:34 Kanaria [Thinking:] Why? Why are they being this nice to me? Ah-!! C-could it be... that this is a trap ~kashira?!
4:44 Shinku Kanaria?
4:45 Kanaria [Thinking:] Th-that must be it ~kashira! By doing this, they think they'll make me get careless, and then-
4:49 Shinku Kanaria?
4:49 Kanaria [Thinking:] -at the moment that I've dropped my guard, Kana will be... Kana will be...!
4:54 Shinku Kanaria?
4:55 Kanaria Uwaah! E-eh?! Shinku?!
4:59 Hinaichigo What's wrong, Kanaria? For a while you've been spacing out...
5:02 Kanaria Eh?! [Nervous laughter.] Th-there's nothing in particular that's wrong ~kashira!
5:07 Suiseiseki But, you haven't even touched your tea or cookies yet, have you ~desu.
5:13 Souseiseki Kanaria, if you hold back, soon there won't be any left.
5:16 Jun Yeah, that's right. At any rate, if there's one thing these guys are good at, it's pigging out-
5:20 [Smack.]
5:21 Jun Ow-!!
5:22 Shinku Jun, the tea has gotten cold. Make us some more.
5:27 Jun Yeah, yeah. Sheesh...
5:30 [Footsteps stomping off.]
5:31 [Music stops.]
5:33 Shinku Kanaria?
5:34 Kanaria Ehhh-?! W-what?!
5:37 Shinku What are you so frightened about?
5:39 Kanaria W-well...
5:42 Shinku I.. have no intention of fighting.
5:46 Kanaria Eh?
5:48 SouseisekiSuiseiseki
5:50 Kanaria But, Kana is... We Rozen Maidens are...
5:56 Hinaichigo Kanaria...
5:58 Kanaria E-even today, the truth is that Kana came to...
6:04 Shinku ... Yes.
6:05 Suiseiseki We know that ~desu.
6:08 Souseiseki Uh-huh.
6:10 Suiseiseki It's not as if we've forgotten about the Alice Game ~desu. If I had to say so, it's that it's just because fighting, by itself, isn't everything there is... Well, maybe there is one idiot among us who really has forgotten ~desu.
6:28 Hinaichigo Mmm-! That's not true! Suiseiseki, you've gone too far!
6:34 Kanaria ...
6:35 Shinku I won't try to force it on you.
6:39 Kanaria Eh?
6:40 Shinku But... It's just that, right now, I'd like to enjoy drinking this tea together.
6:52 Kanaria Shinku...

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