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Track 6 - "Barasuishou"

Character Drama Vol. 7 - Track 6 - Top Picture

0:01 [Creepy background sounds.]
0:05 Enju [Groaning, tossing and turning in sleep.] [Awakening with a yell, breathing hard.]
0:22 [Sheets thrown off.]
0:23 Enju [Breathing hard.] D-damn... Not again. [Hiss.] Rozen...!
0:41 Barasuishou Father...
0:42 [Clink.]
0:43 [Water being poured.]
0:45 Enju [Grunt.] [Gulping down water.]
0:54 Barasuishou [Thinking:] Father is fighting... to surpass Rozen... to complete a doll that is superior to the Rozen Maidens made by Rozen...
1:09 [Footsteps.]
1:10 Enju Barasuishou?
1:11 [Magic sound.]
1:11 [Music starts.]
1:18 Enju Are you going?
1:20 Barasuishou Yes, Father...
1:23 Enju [Grunt.]
1:24 [Hug.]
1:24 Barasuishou ...
1:30 Enju Barasuishou... You are... you are my creation, the greatest of all dolls, who will lose to no one.
1:42 [Footsteps.]
1:43 Barasuishou I'll be back... Father...
1:46 [Magic sound.]
1:50 Barasuishou [Thinking:] What Father seeks... is proof that he has broken Rozen's spell, proof that he has surpassed Rozen... What Father wishes for is... a doll who will surpass Alice, the ultimate girl... That is me... I am a doll created by Father... because I am Father's creation, the greatest of all dolls... Because I am... Father's special one... I must surpass her. That is... what Father seeks... what Father... wishes for... That which Father wishes for... I wish for...
3:00 [Music stops.]
3:09 Kanaria [Sigh.]
3:10 [Music starts.]
3:14 Kanaria [In flashback:] But, Kana...
3:17 Shinku [In flashback:] Say, Kanaria. Is that truly all right with you? Is that your true wish?
3:28 Kanaria [In flashback:] Eh?! B-but, Father... Shinku, is it different with you?
3:36 Shinku [In flashback:] No. It is the same.
3:39 Kanaria [In flashback:] ...? Then-!
3:41 Shinku [In flashback:] And yet it is different.
3:43 Kanaria [In flashback:] I-I don't understand what you're saying ~kashira!
3:48 Shinku [In flashback:] What I am trying to say, is that each has her own way of doing things. To take things from one another by force... that ought not be all that there is to it.
3:59 Kanaria [In flashback:] ...!
4:02 Shinku [In flashback:] That is why I will prefer to play the Alice Game in my own way.
4:10 Kanaria [In flashback:] Shinku...
4:12 [Music stops.]
4:15 Kanaria Micchan, what... what should Kana do ~kashira?
4:21 [Magic sound.]
4:23 Kanaria ...? H-huh? It seemed like the mirror shone just now... No, it must have been my imagination ~kashira...?
4:36 [Wings beating.]
4:38 Suigintou At that time, when first I fought after having made a contract with Megu, I'm certain that I felt a power such as I'd never felt before then.
4:48 [Music starts.]
4:49 [In flashback:] [Fighting sounds.]
4:53 Suigintou [In flashback:] [Grunt.]
4:55 Barasuishou [In flashback:] [Breathing hard.] Strong...!
5:00 Suigintou [In flashback:] [Grunt.] Th-this power...?
5:06 [Wings beating.]
5:07 Suigintou Was that what they call the power of a Medium? Was that the "bond" of which Shinku spoke?! [Grunt.] You've got to be kidding me! Such a thing as that... Such a thing as that...!
5:21 Megu [In flashback:] Suigintou.
5:23 Suigintou [Sobbing.] Why?! I, I don't need anything other than Father! I don't need...!
5:35 Barasuishou That is your wish...?
5:38 Suigintou Who's there-?! ... ...?
5:44 [Shooting sounds.]
5:47 Shinku [Grunt.] Barasuishou?
5:51 [Step.]
5:52 [Footsteps approaching.]
5:55 Barasuishou Come, let us begin... the Alice Game...
6:00 Shinku Barasuishou, I... I don't intend to fight you.
6:07 Barasuishou ...?! ... What are you... saying...?
6:16 Shinku I will prefer to play the Alice Game in my own way.
6:23 Barasuishou The Alice Game is a battle... I will become stronger... For me to win the Alice Game... is Father's wish... and... what Father wishes for... I wish for...
6:47 Shinku Barasuishou...
6:50 Barasuishou That is why I will fight... To fight... to defeat you all, is my wish...
7:12 [Music stops.]

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