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Track 3 - "Abduction"

Detektiv - Abduction - Top Picture

0:00 [Music starts.]
0:06 [Music stops.]
0:07 Kun-Kun I've found you, mysterious thief Baron Peroriina*!
[* Peroriina or Perorin refers to the gesture of licking one's lips, which also probably explains the strange slobbering noises that Kun-Kun's enemy makes all the time]
0:10 [Music starts.]
0:10 Peroriina As expected of Detective Kun-Kun! You penetrated straight through my disguise!
0:15 Kun-Kun There's nowhere left for you to run, Baron Peroriina! Give yourself up!
0:19 Peroriina Pero-ncho hahahaha! That's MY line!
0:24 [Music stops.]
0:25 Kun-Kun W-what?!
0:27 Peroriina There...
0:27 [Click. Crash.]
0:29 Kun-Kun Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
0:34 [Music starts.]
0:44 Peroriina Pero-ncho! Hahahahahahahaha! Whoa-hahahahahahahahaha! Farewell, Kun-Kun! Nwa-hahaha- [Coughing fit.] Eh...
1:02 [Music stops.]
1:04 [Music starts.]
1:06 Kun-Kun Caught in the trap of my archenemy Baron Peroriina, I've ended up falling down a deeeep, bottomless pit! Is it in fact possible for me to defeat Baron Peroriina? And what of the mystery of the yogurt left at the scene of the crime three days ago? Watch again next weeKun-Kun!
1:31 [Music stops.]
1:34 [Shifting in seat.]
1:34 JUM It ended at a cliffhanger this week again.
1:37 Nori T-t-t-that was scary~! I was so frightened that I almost wet myself!
1:44 [Music starts.]
1:44 Hinaichigo Noo! Kun-Kun, don't die!
1:48 Shinku He'll be fine, Hinaichigo. Kun-Kun is a genius.
1:51 Suiseiseki But, maybe even Kun-Kun himself won't be able to make it this one time ~desu!
1:56 Shinku Suiseiseki, what are you saying?! Kun-Kun cannot lose.
1:59 Souseiseki That's right. He's always gotten through these tight spots before, hasn't he?
2:03 Shinku Exactly, Souseiseki. Kun-Kun... I'm sure that Kun-Kun will triumph over Baron Peroriina! Isn't that right, Jun?
2:12 JUM Yeah, yeah, whatever. Geez, don't get so all fired-up over a puppet show on TV...
2:20 Nori Jun-kun, you shouldn't say things like that. To Shinku-chan and the others, Kun-Kun is a person whom they greatly admire.
2:27 JUM He's not a "person", he's a dog. And a stuffed one, at that.
2:31 [Smack!]
2:31 JUM Gaah-! What are you doing?!
2:34 Shinku That's punishment for making fun of Kun-Kun.
2:36 JUM Even so, a stuffed animal is a stuffed animal. For that matter, there's one of him in this house, even.
2:41 [Trill.]
2:42 Hinaichigo That's right! There's a Kun-Kun here, too! [Footsteps.] Kun-Kun! Where are you?
2:46 [Music stops.]
2:49 Shinku Hold it! [Getting up from seat. Footsteps.] The Kun-Kun in this house is my... Oh?
2:55 Suiseiseki What's wrong?
2:57 Shinku That's odd. I'm positive that I just placed him on the sofa a moment ago, but...
3:02 Souseiseki [Step.] Last time I looked he was there.
3:04 JUM Could he have fallen over there?
3:07 [Rummaging around.]
3:09 Hinaichigo He's not here. Kun-Kun isn't anywhere to be found!
3:13 Suiseiseki Did you search really well? Like under the table, and behind the sofa?
3:19 Souseiseki [Rummaging around.] It's no use. He's not turning up!
3:21 Shinku [Footsteps.] Kun-Kun! Where are you? Kun-Kun!
3:26 [Snap.]
3:26 Shinku [Gasp.] You don't suppose... this could be the work of Baron Peroriina?!
3:28 [Music starts.]
3:33 JUM Hah?
3:34 Hinaichigo Kun-Kun's been kidnapped?
3:37 Suiseiseki That's possible ~desu! Baron Peroriina is the worst villain that I know of! There's no telling what that jerk would do!
3:47 JUM Uh, don't mix up reality with a puppet show.
3:51 Shinku I won't forgive this...! Kun-Kun, wait for me! I swear that I shall rescue you - on my name as a Rozen Maiden!
3:59 JUM You've got the wrong program!
4:01 [Crash. Music stops.]

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